Our Story

Welcome! My name is Kerry and I am the Creator of LittleDogsLife™ working with my awesome team of web engineers and developers! LittleDogsLife™ is an integrated exclusive community platform with a unique proprietary app designed for small breed dog owners and their little dogs! The mission of LittleDogsLife™ is to bring all of us together to share the wonderful lives of our little dogs and have lots of fun doing it. After all they are our furbabies and the loves of our lives.

This idea came about during the long life of my wonderful and loving Bichon Frise, “NickeytheBichon”. As other little dog owners can attest, he was the love of my life, like a child. The love he gave will always be celebrated. Nickey was a mascot to an IT Firm I operated and was in our shop every single day greeting the customers. The elementary kids would come in and visit him on their rollerblades on their way home from school. Nickey then became an ambassador and mascot for a non-profit that raised money for families who had a child diagnosed with cancer. He traveled with me to all the events and sat at each table greeting every single person that came by. Then, Nickey became a mascot again for my digital crowdfunding company, and his social media channels were dynamic images of his life. What a good boy!

At 16. 5 years young on July 7th, 2020, NickeytheBichon crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The most heartbreaking day of my life. If anyone of you has had to say goodbye to your furbaby, you know how absolutely devastating it is. He hung on until it was time to go, and we made our last trip to the vet. I am dedicating LittleDogsLife™ to Nickey. You will see pictures and videos of him from time to time on our Social Media channels and in the LittleDogsLife app to keep his memory alive. He was such a happy, joyful, loyal, and great little dog. I know he’s looking over all of us here in spirit and rooting us on. We have a special place on our platform to remember your little loves who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please sign up here for free to hear when we launch!

Throughout Nickey’s life, we moved 3 times. He enjoyed doing anything with me, and in the world, so he thought it was fun as that is how Bichon’s roll. But to find new pals for him (which I feel is very important to keep our little dogs social), find the right vet as well as a groomer, sitter and walker were tough, and I was wishing I could find a small dog owner that I trusted to give me a good recommendation. Hard to find. The most important thing as mentioned was I wanted to find other little dog owners to have play dates with and the only way I could do it would be to literally be hoping to run into one at the dog park. I also thought how about a big event for just little dogs in a park or at the beach, how fun would that be!

When looking online, there were some varied breed groups that only allowed for one way communication and no real way of making the playdate or organizing events. There wasn’t instaneous chat back n forth so you could make the playdate or just chat about your breed. Then I thought, there is no exclusive place for JUST little dogs and their owners. That’s when LittleDogsLife came to life.

I now realize that I can do all of this and lots more online with our exclusive community on the LittleDogsLife™ Social Network APP with our LittleDogsLife™ Personalization Service that recommends products for your breed, with community play date matching in the neighborhood or town where you live, and recommendations for local vets, groomers, pet sitters and walkers from your connected pawpals online. The LittleDogsLife™ free social network app connects you with other little dog owners in your area and across the world! Share pictures and videos, chat with others who have little dogs, create groups of your breed, take part in new ways to make your little dog a PAWINFLUENCER and lots, lots more in this exclusive community for small breed dog owners and their little dogs.

And last but no way least, HappyHarry the Bichon! Harry came into my life as a gift, an absolute blessing from the Universe, God, or the powers that be. His full name is Harrison Nicholas (middle name after Nickey). I had been talking to a wonderful breeder for about 2 years sporadically and was hoping to give Nickey a pal in his older years. The two litters during that time seemed to be always spoken for due to bad timing of communication, BUT when I told the breeder that my Nickey crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she wrote back her sincere sympathy of course, and said there may be a chance her last sweet pup saved for a 3-time client may not be able to take the Bichon puppy. I held hope but no expectations. Then 2 weeks later, she let me know she had the puppy available. I didn’t even know if it was male, or female and it didn’t matter. Turned out, that because of a bittersweet twist of fate due to an illness in her client’s family, she couldn’t take the puppy in. Harrison Nicholas then came into my life a month after Nickey’s passing. He is a blessing and the spokesdog and ambassador of LittleDogsLife™! If you join us, you will be welcomed by him on our social media pages and see him often in the feed of the app community. Happy Harry welcomes you here! He is a gem and an incredibly happy boy. 😊

So that is the story of how LittleDogsLife™ began! I have an incredible team behind me and am always grateful for the work that they do. We are looking for others to join us in our fun venture, so please visit our Join the Pack page for more information. If you are involved in a non-profit, please visit our Non-Profits page for partnership information.

We hope to provide you and your furbaby with lots of new pals and lots of fun sharing their lives with other little dogs across the world! We will have exciting new app additions in the months ahead as well. Join us for free here!