Loving Little Dogs! Things Only Small Breed Dog Owners Understand

If you are reading this on our website, you are like us and just LOVE our little furbabies! There are more reasons than those listed here why that’s for sure, but we are thinking you sure can relate. Little Dogs are the best!

You can take them anywhere

Going on a plane or train? No problem, small furbabies can go along! Most airlines, amtrack and other modes of public transportation allow small dogs if contained, fit under the seat in front of you or you buy an extra seat (pre and post covid). Of course they love car rides and any size boat is no problem! Churches are pretty good with small dogs as well and non-pet hotels will typically allow you to bring in a small dog if you pay an extra fee. We love bringing them with us!

Dog clothes

What is it about little dogs in cute clothes?! Dress up a big dog and it looks quite preposterous! Halloween is so much fun with our little dogs, but anytime works!!

Big dog rules just don’t apply

Sleeping on the bed- every night, face-licking, lap or couch sitting, getting carried around the house (and loving it), jumping, and sitting at the kitchen table are A-OK! If a big dog jumped on you all the time, that could get dangerous!

Everything is smaller

Their food, their beds, their treats and toys, harnesses and leashes are all small. Sure helps with the pocket book, but the problem is we like to buy them lots of things that tend to outweigh the big dog $ bill!

Every child on the planet wants to pet little dogs

This one can be a tricky one, and if the mom or dad understands dogs (which most do), they will ask the owner if their child can pet the dog. Only you know if your furbaby will accept the love or not.

Bathing them in the house is easier

Okay, most of us go to our groomer for our furbaby, but there are many times when we do it ourselves for different reasons. Bathtubs work always, and many fit in a sink!

You’d love to have more than one

The number one reason is typically that we want them to have a buddy. But also, they are such a convenient size, it’s easy for many reasons to have more than one!

Exercising them is abbreviated

Their shorter legs sure do move fast depending on their age so very long walks aren’t necessary and also some prefer to be carried after 20 minutes! We’ve all seen the awesome doggie carriage as well. Playing catch with stuffed animals in the house or apartment can work as well!

Small dogs tend to live longer than larger dogs

Some small dogs can have a lifespan of 15–20 years. That makes me very happy. My Nickey lived until 16.5 years old of natural causes. Other people close to me have had larger dogs that only make it to 9 or 10. That goes by quick and is hard to bear.

They’re a great way to meet people

All dogs can stimulate conversation with people, but the number of people who respond to a smaller dog in comparison to a larger dog is drastic. When you have a small dog you tend to never have to say "He’s friendly." to them. They automatically assume that a smaller dog is.